Electric Road EV Charging System Concept To Get First Trial In Sweden

Electric road EV charging:

The city of Lund, Sweden, is ready to begin installing the first kilometer of Elonroad track along a heavily used bus route to recharge electric buses as they drive.

What is the Elonroad?

Elonroad charging system

The electric road EV charging concept “Elonroad” is charging infrastructure for all the electric vehicles. The electric charging system is both an automatic park-charger without cables and an electric road solution for charging vehicles while driving. It will work in cities, highways as well as parking.

All started 8 years ago when Dan Zethraeus wanted to buy an electric car. However in that time, EVs were not popular and public charging infrastructure was almost non-existent.

I wanted to buy an electric car, and I thought the range was too short. So I came up with Elonroad.

Says Dan Zethraeus

Eight years later, after long waiting and much research his vision of charging EVs while driving is almost here. The rail system is easy to install. Since it rests on top of the pavement, no asphalt or concrete needs to be dug up.

If an EV drives one kilometer on our electric road, it can drive another two kilometers on the energy it charged from our road.

CEO Dan Zethraeus said

The advantages of this system are many. First, drivers won’t have to worry about charging their EV overnight or looking for a free charging station during the day. Also, a large battery won’t be necessary, as they can recharge the car while driving- Assuming that the road is installed everywhere. Researchers from Lund University estimate the Elonroad systems could allow electric cars to use 80% smaller batteries.

Smaller batteries equal less expensive cars. Therefore we will see more EVs on the road, less carbon pollution into the atmosphere and a much greener environment.

Elonroad an EV charging road

EV Charging Stations for home, businesses or public places.

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