EV Charging Accessories

When you own an electric vehicle (EV) it is important to maintain, keep it clean, and tidy and make sure you do your best to increase the lifespan and durability of your EV equipment. Our EV charging accessories ensure to do all these things plus guarantee that you have a comfortable and easy journey with your electric car.

What EV charging accessories you will find at the EV + e-shop

To comfort your electric vehicle driving experience our EV + e-shop is stocked with many different EV charging accessories for your EV or charging station. Here you will find car air fresheners, charging cable carrying bags, replacement cables, extension cables and plugs, replacement sockets, holders, energy meters, and more.

Over time, due to lack of maintenance or improper storage, charging cables or charging sockets, might get damaged or need to be repaired. With the help of a professional electrician and the correct replacement, this should be easy to resolve. EV charging replacement plugs and cables come in handy in situations like this. In our News section, you can find information on how to properly store and maintain your EV equipment, so you won’t need replacements for a long period.

Electric vehicle equipment online

When taking care of all your EV charging appliances, there are other parts you might need as an electric vehicle owner. Accessories for your charging cable to protect it and ensure long life, such as dummy sockets and hooks. These products can be installed next to your charging station to keep them tidy and clean away from external hazards. For a perfect organized car space, use a cable bag and our fresh scent green tea car freshener.

Whether you are an electric car owner or a professional trying to repair your EV equipment, in our ever-expanding selection you will find the latest and greatest electric vehicle accessories and parts. Products like energy meter analyzers, electric locks, and even current circuit breakers. For when your charging station needs a renewal a CE and TUV certified socket replacement with 62196-2 IEC 2010 SHEET 2-IIa standards is available to purchase.

Warning! Some of our accessories are only to be replaced by a qualified professional like an electrician. Do not attempt to do the replacement by yourself if you do not have the appropriate experience.

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