Commercial EV Charging Stations

As the EV market expands by the day, it requires a fast-growing commercial EV charging station infrastructure. On our website, you will find simple and efficient solutions. Whether you are a public provider, institution or business trying to expand the charging station network by installing a public charging point, here you will find the suitable product.

How to choose a commercial EV charging station

Contrary to the private charging points, an AC commercial EV charging station is almost always three-phase and has dual charging ports. This way two electric vehicles can use the station at the same time getting up to 44kW of power from the two different Type 2 charging sockets.

Convenience is the number one factor that will make your EV station popular. Although there is no wrong or right answer as to where to install the charging unit, it is always wise to take some things into consideration. To put it simply, a location with high traffic will be the best choice since more people with electric cars will have access to it. Visibility is very important, therefore you can install a sign to indicate the location of the charging area.

There are two different types of commercial chargers. Alternating current (AC) and Direct current (DC) or otherwise called rapid chargers. With the rapid option, an electric car can charge up to 80% in around thirty minutes give or take. However, since DC charging stations are more expensive than AC chargers, you usually will not find them as often around. If your business has a very big amount of traffic on a daily bases, a DC charging solution might be beneficial.

An option to install a payment system on the commercial charging stations is available on our products. If you are unsure what product best fits your needs you can consult our experienced team for guidance.

Whether you are looking to increase your property’s value by installing an EV station, or you are looking to attract EV drivers to your business, at EV + you will find the right product.

Who can install the EV charging unit

How the installation of a public charging station takes place? As with all types of electronic equipment is best advised to use a professional, qualified electrician for the installation and the maintenance of the station. Do not attempt to install or alter any part of the charging EV equipment by yourself, unless you have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

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