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EV Charge + provides charging stations and installation services for owners of electric vehicles or businesses. We offer a large selection of various products for charging your electric car at home. Such as, charging cables for electric cars both Type 1 and Type 2 as well as charging station for both types. Considering the allowance governments offer to the EV owners, charging and having a charging station at home, is now easier. This is an opportunity that we take advantage of by offering you the best for your electric car. HomeBox charging stations are for electric cars and are intended for use at home or in the office. Therefore, the design will fit perfectly in your personal garage or other private places. We only use materials of the highest quality. With high industry quality, which guarantees long service life and high reliability. Even in the worst weather conditions. We also offer a range of accessories, charging cables and adapters, including adapter chademo for Tesla and portable charging cables with control box.

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