EV + offers EV charging solutions for electric vehicle owners and businesses. We provide EV charging stations, charging cables, extensive EV knowledge and service. On our e-shop, you will find all the charging equipment for mobile or at-home charging. We offer a wide selection of EV charging cables for the home, workplace or public charging. Moreover, our team can give advice on what products best fits your electric charging needs, as well as after-sale support.

Why buy your EV equipment from EV +

We offer up to 24 months warranty on our EV charging products
We use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging for all our products
EV + team will offer you the best customer service in addition to help and advice on different EV cables
Our EV charging cables are CE and TUV certified
High-quality charging equipment ideal for domestic or public use
We offer fast and secure worldwide delivery with UPS or DPD shipping service

We always aim to provide our valued customers with the very best service alongside competitive prices for all of our electric vehicle charging cables and other EV products.

Eco packaging

Plastic pollution across the world is getting worse every day. That’s why we use eco-friendly packaging that is easy to recycle and safe for the environment. We promote the use of renewable/reusable materials. Our environmentally friendly packaging includes recyclable paper wrapping tape and wrapping paper. We lessen the amount of product packaging as much as possible and we send installation or other information by email instead of using unnecessary paper.

EV charging products online

All of our electric car charging cables come in various lengths and amperes to best suit your individual EV requirements. Whether you are looking for a home or public charging solution, there are different EV charging products to choose from. If you are unsure what cable is compatible with your electric car you can find EV specifications here.

For those looking for EV cables

Regardless if you are looking for a charging cable to use with your private charging station or with a public one, we offer a big range to choose from. At our e-shop, you will find all the products under specific categories. Adapters and EV charging accessories are also available in the corresponding categories. You can contact our expert team for advice in the event of not knowing what is the best product for your electric car.

Type 1 plug

The Type 1 plug SAE J1772 is a single-phase plug that can charge your car up to 7.4kW. This standard is usually used with American and Asian model cars. The use of an adapter is needed to charge from a Type 2 European charging cable.

Type 2 plug

Type 2 plug IEC 62196 is the main plug used in Europe. Almost all European electric vehicles have this type of socket. It can charge up to 22kW and it comes in single or triple-phase.

Schuko plug

There are electric vehicles, like scooters for example, that use chargers with a schuko plug. For this type of charging an adapter that converts the schuko to Type 2 is needed.

Portable charging

When it comes to portable/domestic charging there are two options:
1. Type 1 or Type 2 portable charging cable with schuko plug for charging from main household sockets. This option provides charging up to 3.6kW in Europe. Some public charging stations may also provide a domestic socket option. A portable charging cable is always a good alternative and a great charging solution.
2. Type 1 or Type 2 portable charging cable with CEE plug. This charging cable comes in single-phase (blue color plug) up to 7.2kW and three-phase (red color plug) up to 22kW

AC Charging stations

When you own an electric car, starting the day with a full battery is key. An overnight charge is the best way to ensure the electric range will be sufficient for your daily commute. At EV + you will find charging stations for your workplace, home, and private or public parking space. The charging stations can have a ground or a wall installation and can charge with up to 2x22kW.

DC charging stations

The main difference between AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) charging stations is the time that it takes to charge. In this type of charger, the converter is located in the charging station itself and delivers the current directly to the electric car’s battery. Most passenger electric vehicles will charge up to 80% between 15 and 45 minutes. Currently, there are three types of DC charging, CHAdeMO which is mainly used in North America, Combined Charging System (CCS) used in Europe, and the Tesla Supercharger.

EV Specifications

EV Specifications

Find the latest EV and PHEV specifications, all information on the latest electric car models and concepts. Search and compare brand, model, range and more.

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