EV Portable Charging Cables

EV portable charging cables with control boxes come in handy in situations where you need to charge your EV but you don’t have access to a charging station. This is called Mode 2 EV charging and is accomplished by using this type of cable to charge through a domestic socket. There is nothing more satisfying, when owning an electric vehicle than being able to charge it whenever you need it.

EV portable charging cables online

Our EV portable charging cables come with control boxes and you have the option to choose adjustable or fixed ampers. The variety of products you can find at EV + will cover your EV charging needs whether you are looking to charge at home or on the go. An easy to transport charging solution.

Types of cables with Control Box

There are many types of portable cables to choose the best for your electric vehicle. The Type 1 SAE J1772 and the Type 2 IEC 62196 portable chargers come with a variety of different plugs like Schuko (European plug), UK 3-pin plug, or CEE. You can also find American NEMA plugs on our USA website.

Schuko connector plugs are usually used on sockets with 230V for currents up to 16A. With that said, when you are using a Schuko cable you can charge your electric vehicle with up to 3.6kW. In other words, an EV will charge on average 15-20 km per hour.

The UK 3-pin connector plugs are common in Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Our UK 3-pin portable cables come in different lengths and with fixed 10A as standard.

The CEE is an industrial standard electrical connector that enables the safe connection to 3-phase power. The 3-pin blue plug can provide a single-phase 32A up to 7.2kW power while the 5-pin red plug provides triple-phase 32A up to 22kW power.

How to protect your product

We advise keeping this type of cable in a storage bag in a dry place. Moisture in the contacts can result in the cable not working. If this happens place the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. Avoid leaving the product outside where the sun, wind, dust, and rain can get to it. If dust and dirt get to the contacts is possible that the cable will not work. Also, ensure that the cable during its storage is not twisted or excessively bent.

This type of product is designed for outdoor or indoor use and can provide an Ingress Protection IP66. Perfect to use in garages, outdoor parking spaces, and on the go.

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