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At our e-shop, you will find a variety of home EV charging stations for private use at the home, office, or private parking places.

The best home EV charging station to choose: What and how to choose?

With the purchase of an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, often a home EV charging station is an ideal solution for your home or your office. Our reliable and high-quality charging stations come with a variety of features, shapes, and colors so you can choose the one better for your taste and needs.

How to choose it?

The big question is how to choose the best home charging station? After making up your mind about which electric car to buy, now comes the part where you need to choose your charging point for the home. This may look very complicated, especially for a new EV owner. However, there are a few simple steps to follow in order to make the best choice.

Firstly you need to decide where you will install your station. This will help you to determine the length of the charging station cable you will need and whether an indoors or outdoors station is required. After finding the right spot, you need to choose the power of the charging station you want to purchase. A single-phase 32A is usually sufficient for home use to charge your electric vehicle. However, if your car can accept higher power a three-phase charging station will charge your electric vehicle quicker.

A single-phase charging station can deliver up to 7.2kW of charge while a triple-phase one can provide up to 22kW of charge. Additionally, an option with two charging ports is also available. This dual charging station is ideal for large families or common private parking spaces, where you can charge two electric vehicles at once. Options with integrated charging cables are available for Type 1 or Type 2 electric cars.

Installation options

When it comes to the installation options you can choose between wall mounting and ground mounting. The wall installation is a very simple solution perfect for indoor use in your garage. If your parking space is outdoors a ground installation will be a good choice. This installation option is on a metallic charging station pole. Wherever you pick to install your charging unit you will need to make sure that is located on a spot where the Wi-Fi signal is strong.

Warning! Do not try to install the station by yourself unless you are a professional electrician. Always choose a qualified professional to install, replace or repair the charging unit. Regardless of the fact that the charging stations are UV-resistant, avoid installing them at a place where direct sunlight is constant during the day.

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