Electric Motorcycles

Alongside the rapidly growing electric car market, electric motorbikes are an advancing technology that is becoming more accessible and competitive.

Many countries have already announced the year that internal combustion engines will be banned. With that being a period between 2025-2035, fully electric mobility seems to be distant. However, at the end of 2018 cumulative global plug-in sales passed 5 million units. Therefore, electrification is closer than you think. Electric motorcycles of course, couldn’t be excluded from the EVolution.

Best Electric Motorcycles for 2019

  • The Energica EGO

An Italian electric superbike, that can go from 0-100 in 3 seconds. Also, Energica EGO has a fast-charging CCS connector that can charge 80% in 20 mins.
Battery Capacity: 11.7 kWh
Range: 160 km
Top Speed: 240 km/h

  • Zero SR

Zero Motorcycles is well known for their electric motorcycles. You can charge Zero SR from a normal public AC charging station or as simple as using a household outlet. The motorcycle has a Type 1 SAE J1772 charging port and can charge 50 km of range all while having a cup of coffee. Other models are also available.
Battery Capacity: 13.0 kWh
Range: 225 miles
Top Speed: 165 km/h

  • Victory Empulse TT

With Victory Empulse TT, you have one of the fastest charging on the market. You can charge the battery in an AC charging station in just 3.9 hours, and in a regular household outlet in 8.9 hours. Also, you can achieve an 80% charge only in 2 hours.
Battery Capacity: 10.4 kWh
Range: 225 km/h
Top Speed: over 160 km

  • Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire

This is Harley-Davidson’s first entrance into the realm of electric motorcycles. To charge you can use any standard household outlet and get a full charge overnight. Alternatively, a faster charge is available with a public DC fast-charge station that gives 80% charge in 40 minutes or 100% charge in an hour. The motorcycle uses a CCS charging port.
Battery Capacity: 7kWh
Range: 85 km
Top Speed: 150 km/h

  • KTM Freeride E

This is an almost silent off-road motorcycle. KTM offers more electric models like FreeRide E-XC.
Battery Capacity: 2.6 kWh
Range: 80
Top Speed: 97 km/h

  • Vespa Elettrica

With Vespa Elettrica, you can have a full recharge in 4 hours. Finally, the easiest part is that the battery charger is located underneath the seat. How convienient? Find more info here.
Battery Capacity: 4 kWh
Range: 100 km
Top Speed: 52 km/h

EV Charging Stations for home, businesses or public places.

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