Lucid Gravity the Upcoming Electric SUV

Project Gravity is the second EV, as Lucid Motors plan for a full lineup of electric vehicles in the coming decade.

Lucid Motors after the reveal of the Lucid Air model they gave us a peek on their second electric car the Gravity. Project Gravity is their upcoming fully electric SUV model build on the Air’s electric drive platform.

Lucid Gravity

The American automotive company, has been developing and testing the new model for a while now. However, this is the first official announcement of the upcoming electric SUV.

Although not many features are available about the new model, we know that it will use Air’s underlying vehicle platform. Also, the photos that the company released are giving us some hints as of what to expect.

Lucid Gravity

Even though Lucid Motors has not announced when the car will be ready, they expect the project to finish it in the next couple of years.


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