EV Specifications

Plug-in Hybrid

Volvo V60 D5 Plug-In Hybrid

Type 2

11.2 kWh

3.7 kWh

29 km*

18 mi

Volvo V60 D5 Plug-In Hybrid


Acceleration: 6.9 sec
Acceleration: 6.9 sec
Top speed: 210 km/h
Top speed: 130 mph
Electric range: 29 km*
Electric range: 18 mi
Drive: AWD

Battery and Charging

Battery capacity: 11.2 kWh
Charge port type: Type 2
Port location: Left Side - Front
Charge power: 3.7 kW AC
Charge time: 2h 24min
Charge speed: 11 km/h
Charge speed: 7 mph

* An indication of a real-world range. The actual range will depend on speed, style of driving, climate and route conditions

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