EV Specifications

Lucid Air Pure

Type 2

Type 2

Combo 2 (CCS)

Combo 2 (CCS)


88.0 kWh*

Charge Power

22 kW AC


560 km*

Lucid Air Pure


Acceleration 4.2 sec
Top Speed 200 km/h
Electric Range 560 km*
Total Power kW 358 kW
Efficiency 157 Wh/100 km*
Drive Rear

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity 88.0 kWh*
Battery Useable 88.0 kWh*
Charge Port Type Type 2, Combo 2 (CCS)
Port Location Left Side - Front
Charge Power 22 kW AC
Charge Time 4h45m
Charge Speed 110 km/h
Fast Charge Power 200 kW AC
Fast Charge Time 24min
Fast Charge Speed 980 km/h

* - these specifications are estimates.

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