Toyota to Have 1000 km Battery Range

Toyota is currently working on fluoride-ion batteries to achieve a range of 1,000 km.

The Japanese brand is researching a new fluoride-ion battery (FBIs) with scientists from Kyoto University. These batteries might offer around seven times as much energy per unit weight as the conventional lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, this could enable electric vehicles to drive with a range of 1,000 km on a single charge.

The team has developed the prototype of a suitable rechargeable battery with a solid electrolyte, the anode is made of fluorine, copper and cobalt. The cathode is mainly made of lanthanum.

As reported by the Japanese Nikkei
Toyota 1000km Battery Range
Toyota 1000km Battery Range

However, the fluoride-ion batteries are the complete opposite of lithium batteries. FIBs generate electricity by moving fluoride ions from one electrode to the other through an electrolyte that conducts fluoride ions. 
The advantage of FIBs: Several electrons can be transferred per metal atom, which explains the high energy density.

The Japanese are not alone with their work on fluoride-ion batteries. Researchers and other automakers are also developing and testing such cells. However, the cells have not yet reached series production for several reasons and the research is yet to be completed.


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