Tokyo Motor Show 2019 & Electric Vehicles

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The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will take place in Tokyo Big Sight & Odaiba Area from 24th of October until 4th of November. For ticket information check the official Tokyo Motor Show page.

The “Open Future” show will present the possibilities that the exciting new mobility of the future will bring. Therefore, we should expect to see in Tokyo many new concept cars and amongst them EV concepts.

Tokyo motor show 2019
Tokyo Motor Show

Electric vehicles in the show

  • Lexus officials revealed than an all-electric car will be demonstrated next month at the show. Little is known about the upcoming EV. Although, it is said that will take the shape of a small hatchback-like vehicle with a radical design.
  • Mazda will debut their first EV at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019. The automaker has already prepared a prototype for the test drive. However, the EV in the show will be a brand new model.
  • Reports want Nissan also to unveil a new compact crossover EV with updated technologies. This will be 1 out of 8 electric cars Nissan is planning for the next years.

With brands like Renault, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Lexus and Daihatsu featuring in the show, it won’t be of surprise to see a shift toward eco-friendly vehicles.

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