Tesla Model 3 Is Taking Over Europe

Few weeks after Tesla’s Model 3 arrival in Europe and sales growing fast. The Netherlands and Belgium were the first countries to receive the EV. Shortly after followed Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Norway and Finland.

Top February Sales

EV Charge + Chart

In Germany , with nearly 1000 registrations Model 3 became the best selling EV in the country. Although the car didn’t arrive until the 13th of February, 32% of all EV sales were Tesla Model 3.

Norway, the world’s leading EV market share (53.3%) had 791 Model 3 registrations. As of March so far? Tesla Model 3 has already around 700 registrations. In other words, we expect Tesla Model 3 to be the best selling in the country. Meanwhile, Netherlands had 472 registrations.

Further, in France where Renault Zoe had 1197 registrations, Tesla took second place with 401. The total of 4178 registrations made a 32% up year over year.

Seems like, Tesla Model 3 will dominate the European EV market after all.

EV Charge + Tesla model 3 sales
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