Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter Not Charging

Learn what to do if your Tesla car is not charging with the CHAdeMO adapter, or error messages appear on the screen.

What to do

  • Make sure that you have correctly plugged the adapter and there is communication with the charging station. Line up the adapter with the charging cable and push until it snaps into place. Then plug the adapter to the car and wait until the vehicle engages a latch that holds the adapter in place. Like in the photo below.
CHAdeMO adapter connection
  • Follow all the instructions on the CHAdeMO charging station to start charging.
  • Check that your Tesla’s software updates are up to date.
  • For model 3 compatibility with the CHAdeMO adapter 2019.24.1 firmware or later is required.
  • Is supercharging enabled for your model? Supercharging should be enabled in order to use the CHAdeMO adapter.
  • Even though the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter is made to be used with all CHAdeMO charging stations, there still may be stations not compatible.
  • Due to product modifications by Tesla the CHAdeMO adapter may require an occasional firmware update. This can be performed by Tesla service.
  • Check the display for error messages. This might solve the problem. Always check the status of the charging station.
  • If the car is still not charging make sure to try a different charging station.
Tesla CHAdeMO charging

Error messages

  • Error message: “Charging adapter issue“. This might appear if there is a direct issue with the adapter. Check the adapter for dirt or corrosion. Try a different charging station or a different Tesla car if available. If problem still occurs, contact Tesla service and check for the possibility of a firmware update.
  • Error message: “Plug not engaged check for obstruction“. This message might indicate problem with the charging port. Check for foreign material or other obstructions.
  • Error message: “Charge port latch not engaged“. This message might mean that the mechanism for the latch might have become jammed. Try pulling the manual release. In very cold climates make sure there is no ice. If the plug is locking but the error is still appearing, it might be a software problem. Make an update if available or go to have the software reloaded.
  • Error message: “CHAdeMO adapter very hot“. When this message appears make sure that the adapter is not in direct sunlight on a hot day. If this is not the case check the adapter or the charging cable for dirt. Try a different charging station. If the problem persist, a firmware update might help.

DC Fast Charging

When it comes to DC charging, have in mind that your vehicle charges faster when the battery has a lower charge level. Also, the charging speed slows down as the battery becomes full (80% and more). 

Do not overuse CHAdeMO fast charging/supercharging. According to Tesla engineers once the vehicle has been DC fast charged over a specified amount, the battery management system restricts DC charging to prevent degradation of the battery pack. If this happens, the DC charging will be limited to a slower charging speeds permanently.

In conclusion, if you have tried a different charging station / different adapter and all the above troubleshooting but you still experiencing a problem, you might have a software problem and you should contact Tesla customer support.


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