Type 1 Plug Holder Dummy Socket

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Type 1 Plug Holder Dummy Socket SAE J1772



Type 1 (SAE J1772) Plug Holder for EV charging cable. This holder help you hang up the J1772 Type 1 plug near your home EV charging station/charger when not in use. Can be used for any Type 1 plug. Made of durable ABS plastic. The charging cable is the lifeline of your electric vehicle and is important to keep it protected. For longevity, ensure that your charging cable is not twisted or excessively bent during the storage. Therefore, the dummy socket is the perfect way to keep your cable organised. Suitable for any Type 1 charging cable install the dummy socket next to your charging unit.

Charging cable care:

When you finish with the charge, always disconnect the cable from the car. The charging cable is the most important equipment for your electric vehicle, as it keeps it charged and ready to go. Therefore, is important to keep it protected. Moisture in the contacts will result in the cable not working. If this happens let the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. When you leave the cable outside always use the protective lid. Dust and dirt will result in the cable not charging.

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