RCCB Type B – Current circuit breaker B type


  • Residual current operated circuit breaker
  • 4-pole
  • Type B
  • short-time delayed
  • In: 40 A, 30 mA, Un AC: 400 V

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    RCCB type B – current circuit breaker B type has an integrated SIGRES function which is used to protect against smooth DC residual currents. They have an additional converter for detecting DC residual currents separately and can be used in three-phase systems upstream of input circuits with rectifiers.

    EAN 4001869549033
    Country of origin Germany
    Brand Siemens
    Compliance with the substance
    restrictions according to RoHS directive
    Since: 01.01.2018


    Version Classification
    eClass 5.1 27-14-22-01
    eClass 6 27-14-22-01
    eClass 7.1 27-14-22-01
    eClass 8 27-14-22-01
    eClass 9 27-14-22-01
    eClass 9.1 27-14-22-01
    ETIM 5 EC000003
    ETIM 6 EC000003
    ETIM 7 EC000003

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