Electronic lock for AC socket


  • Electronic lock for AC socket
  • IEC 62196-2 – Type 2
  • IP54 rate

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    This electronic lock for AC socket (IEC 62196-2 Type 2) is to be integrated to the socket of the charging station. The lock is equipped with an IP54. This means that the lock provides protection against dust and splash of water from any direction. This electronic lock is ideal for your IEC 62196 charging station socket. Designed for use with all European Type 2 electric charging stations.

    Electronic lock for AC socket Features:

    Suitable to connect with all private or public charging stations, for use outdoors or indoors. All electronic locks for AC sockets should be installed only by a qualified electrician.

    • Rated voltage: 12VDC
    • Voltage range: 10.5 to 13.5VDC
    • Loading current: ≤200mA
    • Maximum current: 650mA
    • Locking lever retention force: ≥ 80N
    • Locking lever breaking force: ≥ 200N
    • Functional angle: ≤90°
    • Response time: ≤100ms
    • Maximum power on time: 3s
    • Movement time: <300ms
    • Operational temperature: -30°C to +50°C
    • Electronic life: ≥3E4 cycles
    • Insulation strength: DC500V 1MΩ
    • Degree of protection provided by enclosure: IP54
    • Single power on time: DC12V 0.2S<t<1S
    • Operating duty cycle: DC12V ON:OF=0.1S:3S
    • Manual unlocking pull: ≤5N
    • Manual unlock life: ≥3E3 cycles

    How to store a charging cable:

    Charging cable is the lifeline of your electric vehicle and is important to keep it protected. Store the cable in a dry place preferably a storage bag. Moisture in the contacts will result in the cable not working. If this happens place the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. Avoid to leave the cable outside where the sun, wind, dust and rain can get to it. Dust and dirt will result in the cable not charging. For longevity, ensure that your cable is not twisted or excessively bent during the storage.

    The product is very easy to use and store. The cable is designed for both outdoor and indoor charging and it has IP54 (Ingress Protection). This means that it has protection from dust and splash of water from any direction.

    Safety notes:

    • Always check the cable and the contacts for damage and contamination before using them.
    • Never use a damaged product, vehicle inlet, or infrastructure socket outlet for charging.
    • Never use contacts that are dirty or damp.
    • Only connect the cable to vehicle inlets and infrastructure socket outlets that are protected against water, moisture and liquids.
    • The charging process is finished when you actuate the locking lever of the vehicle connector. You can then disconnect the vehicle connector and the infrastructure plug. Never use force to disconnect them. Dangerous electric arcs could result in serious injury or death. Depending on the charging station and electric vehicle, the shutting down of the charging process and the duration of unlocking may vary.
    • There are electric vehicles that can be started with the cable connected. Always make sure to disconnect it before driving away.
    • If the connector is smoking or melting, never touch it. If possible, stop the charging process. Press the emergency stop switch on the charging station in any case.
    • Make sure that the cable is out of the reach of children. Only persons with a valid driver’s license for motor vehicles can use it.

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