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Mercedes EQA

Mercedes EQA is a concept electric vehicle expected to be revealed at the end of 2020. Deliveries will start in 2021.

Type 2

Type 2

Combo 2 (CCS)

Combo 2 (CCS)

60.0 kWh

11 kW AC


Totale kracht:200 kW (270 hp)*
Het rijden:AWD

Batterij en opladen

Batterij capaciteit:60.0 kWh
Battery Useable:60.0 kWh*
Type laadpoort :Type 2 / Combo 2 (CCS)*
Laadvermogen :11 kW AC*
Oplaadtijd:6h 30min*
Snel laadvermogen :100 kW DC*
Snelle oplaadtijd :33min (10-80%)*

* These specifications are estimates