New heating principle for saving up to 6% of the EV range

Heating principle EV range saving that will help to reach the proper temperature faster.

Engineering specialist IAV and Louisenthal, engaged in the development of safety foils and papers for banknotes. Also, launched a brand-new passenger compartment heating principle for EVs.

The intention is to use a thin, translucent, cost-effective, and easy-to-use SmartMesh foil from Louisenthal. Since the SmartMesh foil has a mesh of conductive tracks on its surface, it can be installed in different places. For instance around passengers’ doors with the standard heating system to provide additional heat.

The foil is easily integrated into doors, center console and also roof lining. As applying working voltage, it warms up and radiates heat to the passenger compartment for the people in the car. The heating foil is translucent, which ensures that it can be combined with ambient lightning or LED design features.

New heating principle for saving up to 6% of the EV range
New Heating concept

New heating system to save up to 6% of the electricity range

According to the German partners, SmartMesh will reduce the heating time to the ideal temperature. And reduce the heating power by 20 % in order to maintain the temperature. Which, overall, can save up to 6 % of the range.

IAV simulated the use of the foil in vehicle trims with 3D CFD software. It showed how it works on a car door interior trim using a demonstrator. The outcome of the simulation is a pleasant climate in the passenger cabin. Which can be achievable for both driver and passenger in less time. For example at low outside temperatures because of additional integrated heating foils. After the heating process, the overall amount of energy needed for heating the passenger cabin can be decreased by up to 20% as a result of the heat radiated. This improves the vehicle cruising range – in the best case, by up to six per cent.

Louisenthal explains that SmartMesh product can be manufactured in massive quantities on an industrial scale. Which enables EV makers to quickly receive components. Whether or not they will continue to use SmartMesh in the coming years will give us a straightforward response as to whether this device is a feasible choice.

What is important with increased heating is that it saves range in cold weather. Where the range is lower and more important than increasing the peak range in optimum conditions.

Heating principle EV range 6% saving


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