EV Sales in Sweden for 2018

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More than 8% of cars sold in Sweden were Plug-In hybrids While the overall car market in Sweden decreases, plug-in electric cars continue to expand. In December alone, around 2,695 new plug-ins were registered in Sweden. That is 21% more … Continued

EV sales in 2018, Netherlands and Germany

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Netherlands In 2018, 24,024 fully electric cars were sold in the Netherlands. This number is three times as many as in 2017. Of all new cars registered, 5.4% of them were electric vehicles. Netherlands considered one of the highest market shares worldwide. In December, … Continued

Benefits of EV

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There are a number of great benefits to electric vehicles (EVs) over conventional petrol/diesel cars. No petrol/diesel:  Electric cars are entirely charged by electricity. Driving fuel based cars can burn a hole in your pocket as prices of fuel have … Continued

Electric Car Sales in Europe

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In October, the European passenger plug-in market grew higher (+24% year over year) with 32,300 registrations, pulling the year-to-date count to over 300,000 deliveries (+34%). Also, the 2018 EV market share grew to 2.3% thanks to a 2.9% share in October. … Continued

Automakers and their EV plans

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Statistics show that around 100 million passenger vehicles are sold every year globally. EV charging stations  To catch up with the demand automakers need to produce more electric vehicles for a fully electrified future and to install more EV charging stations. … Continued

Fremtidig elektrisk bil

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Etter hvert som den globale elbilproduksjonen slår opp i år, ser vi en betydelig økning innen 2030. Her følger en liste over enten annonserte eller ryktede elektriske kjøretøyer som sannsynligvis vil være tilgjengelige i USA de neste 5-6 årene.   … Continued

Elektrisk bil Liste

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Citroën Electric vehicle list e.GO Ford German E-Cars Hyundai NIO Nissan Renault Smart Tesla       Disclaimer: This is an article with data collected from various websites. Before you consider buying an EV do your research and verify all … Continued