Helt elektrisk

BMW i3 60Ah

Type 2

Combo 1 (CCS)

21.6 kWh

7.4 kWh

129 km*

80 mi

The BMW i3 60 Ah is a full electric vehicle (BEV-Battery Electric Vehicle).

BMW i3 60Ah


Akselerasjon:7.2 sec
Akselerasjon:7.2 sec
Toppfart:150 km/h
Toppfart:93 mph
Elektrisk rekkevidde:129 km*
Elektrisk rekkevidde:80 mi
Total kraft :125 kW (168 hp)

Batteri og lading

Batterikapasitet:21.6 kWh
Battery useable:18.8 kWh
Ladeporttype: Type 2
Combo 1 (CCS)
Plassering av ladeporten:Right Side - Rear
Ladekraft:7.4 kW AC
Ladehastighet:43 km/h
Ladehastighet:27 mph
Rask ladekraft :47 kW AC
Rask ladetid:20min (0-80%)
Rask ladningshastighet:250 km/h
Rask ladningshastighet:155 mph

* An indication of a real-world range. The actual range will depend on speed, style of driving, climate and route conditions

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