Global EV Sales – June 2019

Global EV sales for June 2019: With over 264,000 EV sales Tesla is the top 1st.

In June, Tesla Model 3 had over 39,000 global sales and outsold all the other EVs.

The total 264,591 sales had a growth rate of 67% year-over-year. The market share improved to 3.3%. Therefore on average, every 30th car sold worldwide is a plug-in.

Checking the all-electric statistics, in June 76% of all plug-ins sold were BEVs.

Sales by model

Global EV sales by model - June 2019
Global EV sales by model – June 2019

Top 10 EVs January-June 2019

Global EV Sales 2019
Top 10 selling EVs

EV Charging Stations for home, businesses or public places.

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