Germany The #1 Plug-in Electric Car Market in Europe

Germany #1 Electric Car Market:

Germany, with more than 30,000 new BEV registrations, is now the number 1 plug-in EV market in Europe. Data shows that in the first three months of this year, Norway was the leading country. However, sales data for April indicates a change in the first position with Germany coming first. As of last month, Germany has the highest number of plug-in car registrations.

Germany #1 Electric Car Market
Germany #1 Electric Car Market| BMW i3

Although Norway still stands as the first country in the all-electric car market, Germany’s big market won’t take long to catch-up.

Plug-in registration numbers for the first 4 months

  • Germany – more than 30,000
  • Norway – less than 30,000
  • France – less than 20,000
  • UK – around 18,000
  • Netherlands – about 12,500
  • Sweden – about 12,500

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