Find EV Charging Point Using Google Maps

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EV Charging Stations
EV charging

Owning an electric car makes EV charging stations one of the key points for long distance drive. Finding one was a challenge until Google made it a bit easier adding EV charging point information to Google Maps.

In order to find one, all you have to do is simply search within the app for “EV Charging” or “EV Charging Stations”. The search will return all the EV charging points near you as well as information about the business where the station is located. Also the kinds of ports available, the charging speed, and how many charging ports are available. The application is specifically supporting these types of chargers:

Global: Tesla, Chargepoint

UK: Chargemaster, Pod Point

US: SemaConnect, EVgo, Blink

AU & NZ: Chargefox

Just like other businesses on Google, after your visit to a charging location, you can leave ratings and reviews and photos.

Electric driving becomes easier and easier. Go green Go electric!

 EV Charging Stations for home, businesses or public places.

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