Electric Car Sales in Europe

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In October, the European passenger plug-in market grew higher (+24% year over year) with 32,300 registrations, pulling the year-to-date count to over 300,000 deliveries (+34%). Also, the 2018 EV market share grew to 2.3% thanks to a 2.9% share in October.

Electric Car Sales in Europe (October 2018)

The top 20 electric cars across Europe

On the fully electric car (BEV) side, sales are stepping up (+63%). In October the sales rose from 48% to 49%. While plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) stayed at 51%. Therefore, it looks like all-electric cars are on track to win the upper hand this year.

Looking at the top 5 model ranking:

  • #1 Nissan Leaf — Europe’s best selling electric car continues to expand its sales, registering 4,785 units in October which is the best result since March. With the order list still to be satisfied in a number of countries, expect the Leaf to continue to be the default #1 throughout the year. In October Norway had the highest performance with 1,292 deliveries.
  • #2 Renault Zoe — The 4,061 October deliveries was the best score since last March. Deliveries are expected to continue at this level until the revised model arrives next year.
  • #3 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV —Europe’s favorite family/towing/winter plug-in had a recent update to its specs, and it shows, with the Japanese SUV securing yet another “Best-Selling PHEV of the Month” award and an overall podium presence in October. The model landed 2,771 registrations, making it the nameplate’s highest result since March of 2016. The plug-in SUV will continue to offer its unique mix of “affordable” space, AWD, and utility, with the added bonus of a larger electric range (28 miles / 45 km real-world range) and more power (+15 hp). That should keep it popular in markets like the UK, Norway, and Sweden.
  • #4 VW e-Golf — A record of 2,458 deliveries gave an unexpected top 5 position. Looking at individual countries, 978 deliveries in  Norway which is the year’s best and 784 units in Germany. Also, 238 deliveries at the Netherlands helped with VW e-Golf’s growth. Looking ahead, expect deliveries to continue strong in the next few months.
  • #5 BMW i3 — The sporty ultracompact saw its sales increase in October as 2,289 units were delivered. Looking at October’s individual country performances, Norway was the largest market for the BMW, with 525 registrations, and Germany came in second with 426 units and 306 of them fully electric.

Consequently, from all the statistics Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe have 20% of all European EV sales.

Year to Date Table

NoEuropeOctoberYear to DateEV YTD Share
1Nissan Leaf4,78533,93311%
2Renault Zoe4,06128,1489%
3BMW i32,28919,3816%
4Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV2,77117,5296%
5VW e-Golf2,45815,8015%
6Tesla Model S63012,5514%
7VW Passat GTE41811,0914%
8Volvo XC60 T8 PHEV1,57310,6513%
9BMW 225xe Active Tourer1,3099,9373%
10BMW 530e1,5849,9353%
11Tesla Model X3229,3773%
12VW Golf GTE3278,9083%
13Kia Niro PHEV4768,2253%
14Mini Countryman PHEV1,2258,1853%
15Hyundai Ioniq Electric1,0357,6722%
16BMW 330e1047,1672%
17Smart Fortwo ED8607,0622%
18Mercedes GLC350e1366,8912%
19Porsche Panamera PHEV1635,6542%
20Kia Soul EV3535,6272%

Finally, comparing all the statistics it looks like the fully electric cars are on the rise. We believe that BEV sales will only keep growing on the years coming.

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