EV Sales in UK 2017-2019

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The electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid market in the UK, has had ups and downs the last couple of years.

UK EV Registrations Chart From 2017 To 2019

With 31,137 EV registrations up to February 2019, Great Britain seems a bit unwilling to get into e-mobility. However, the chart shows when the sales did go a lot higher than normal.

To begin with, the rise in March 2017 we can assume happened because of the next generation Nissan Leaf. The best-selling EV that has sold worldwide around 370,000 units as of 2018. This also can explain the rise in September 2017 when Nissan Leaf II hit the market.

Coming to March 2018, sales hit 2904 units which is the second highest. BMW i3 could be the reason as BMW UK was also celebrating having sold 10,000 i3 models.

In February 2019, we see 731 sales of EVs and although the sales have dropped since the beginning of the year is 106% up to last year.

Needless to say, that the uncertainty around Brexit and the current charging infrastructure in the UK make the drivers think twice before they go electric.

But is March 2019 going to be as good as the previous years? Will sales rise this year with more affordable EVs on the horizon? For a healthier and less polluted future, we shall hope so.

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