EV Charging Stations For Home

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Not many years ago, the choices for electric vehicle charging equipment where few. But, what to do now, when the choices are many and the confusion is high? We offer you simple and high quality solutions to charge your EV at home easy and safe.

Ways to charge your EV at home

Portable charging cable Type 1 or 2 to schuko

This equipment allows you to charge the car from a standard household outlet (mains). Almost every electric vehicle sold today comes standard with a 120V portable charger. However, Europe uses 220V as standard household current. Therefore, a charging cable with 230V output power will charge your EV faster. This type of charging will deliver between 9 and 12 km of range per hour to a typical electric car. But, that depends on the current available.

Home Box

The EV Charging Station – HomeBox is designed to be a simple and cost-effective solution for fast, up to 22 kW EV charging. However, how fast the EV will be charged depends on the maximum charging capacity of the vehicle and the house’s current.

Charging station for home

The EV charging station – City Charge Mini is well-suited for any private or even public location. The design would perfectly fit your garage, inside or outside. Is classified as fast Mode 3 charging station with the ability to provide up to 22 kW of power using Type 2 charging socket.

The following tables show all possible options to charge your EV.

Input power1-3 phases, 16-32 A
Output power3.6, 7.2, 11, 22 kW
1-phase 16A (3.6 kW)230V / 1x16A3.6 kW
1-phase 32A (7.2 kW)230V / 1x32A7.2 kW
3-phase 16A (11 kW)400V / 3x16A11 kW
3-phase 32A (22 kW)400V / 3x32A22 kW

Having your own charging station at home makes charging faster, safer and more reliable. Finally, on the EV Specification page, you can find the maximum charging capacity of many electric vehicles.

When considering buying an EV, do your research and verify all data.

EV Charging Stations for home, businesses or public places.

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