Electric Vehicles In Cold Weather And How to Maximize Range

Electric Vehicles In Cold Weather:

Yes, electric cars are negatively affected by extremely cold weather. Their efficiency and range vary based on different factors, including the driver’s habits, temperatures and driving conditions.

Typically, an electric car will cover around 20% fewer miles in extreme temperatures. Anything below 4°C or higher than 46°C and the EV battery is not going to perform their peak performance.

Also, the charging time of an EV is significantly increased. Research shows, that when a fast charger charges your car 80% in 30 mins, in freezing temperatures (-15 or lower) will give you 30% less charging at the same time.

Tesla adds a snowflake next to range to indicate when the range might be impacted.

Extreme weather gives the EV owners two factors to consider. First, how far they can go and second, how long it will take to recharge. This can be frustrating, but is much better than have to deal with hundreds if not thousands of gas-powered cars, that at the same time won’t even start in the freezing temperatures.

How To Maximise The EV’s Range

Before anything else, start by using accessories wisely. The additional heating or cooling needed for the passenger’s comfort requires more energy. That results in higher energy consumption therefore, is less power available to move the wheels. Using a seat warmers instead of high cabin heater can save energy and extend range.

Maintain an average speed as well as, using an economy mode or similar features can help extend your EV’s range in the cold weather.

Finally, you should plan ahead before driving, keep the tires properly inflated and remove excess weight as much as possible. Extra cargo can reduce the range, especially in freezing temperatures.

Electric Vehicles In Cold
Electric Vehicles In Cold Weather

In general, electric vehicles and their digital controls can provide great traction and control over extreme conditions.

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