Elbiler Specifikationer

Fuldt elektrisk

Drako GTE

Type 1

Combo 1 (CCS)


90.0 kWh

15 kWh

Note: Drako plans to build only 25 models at the price of $1.25 million. Orders are now open and delivery will start in 2020.
Powertrain: 4 permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each)

Drako GTE


Tophastighed: 330 km/h
Tophastighed: 206 mph
Total styrke: 895 kW (1200 hp)
Samlet drejningsmoment: 8800 Nm
Samlet drejningsmoment: 6491 lb-ft
Køre: AWD

Batteri og opladning

Batterikapacitet: 90.0 kWh
Opladeporttype: Type 1
Combo 1 (CCS)
Oplad strøm: 15 kW AC*
Hurtig ladestyrke: 150 kW AC

* With onboard charger

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